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Good Start Date: Jan 2nd @ 6:00am EST
Yesterday was a good start to my new year and $100 went towards my much needed breast surgery. Lets keep those tips and shows coming through out the year. So I can finally have my surgery. $4,811 left to go!

Thanks and Happy New Year
HAPPY NEW YEAR Date: Dec 30th @ 6:51am EST
I would like to wish you all a Happy & Safe 2020! I have some BIG Prizes for My HERO's on this site in the works. Because if I WIN a Cash Prize! ALL Proceeds will go towards My much needed Breast Surgery. So be a HERO and HELP me make My Daily Goal with Tips & Shows and the rest will go towards My Surgery Fund. $4911 left to go! Thanks CammiCams
After Christmas Date: Dec 27th @ 6:07am EST
Hello, I hope that you had a Very Merry Christmas. I did! Yesterday I did a wonderful Private Show and he gave me Gifts. So now My Surgery Fund is down to $4961. Lets just hope that life events don't take that money away. Believe me if I could get a credit card or a loan I would. But I can't so I have to rely on my fans to help me make my goal everyday. So like yesterday I can put the rest towards my fund. Thanks and Happy Holidays!
My Twitter Date: Dec 22nd @ 9:45am EST
My Surgery Date: Dec 19th @ 7:28am EST
Hi Guys, as most of you already know, that I need Surgery to fix my left breast, that is pinching the nerve and to replace the bags. Yes I have Saline Breast Implants! Now if I WIN a Cash Prize and/or I make my Daily Goal on this site. I will put ALL Proceeds to My Surgery Fund and so far I have $5011 left to go. If I could get a credit card or a loan I WOULD! But I can't and now I have to rely on my fans to HELP me get this done. BEFORE Life Events takes the money away and/or they start leaking. All I ask is do what you can with Tips and Shows to make this happen for me.
Thank you - CammiCams
I'm back Date: Dec 12th @ 6:43am EST
Hi Guys, Did you miss me? Well I'm back and looking forward to entertaining you in Shows. I will be available Monday - Saturday in the mornings and late afternoon. I will have special prizes for those who tip 1000 credits and I will be giving Gifts for the Daily Hero's who help me make my Goal.

1st 1000 credit tip Date: Jul 20th @ 9:33am EDT
WOW! Thank you so much! I finally got my 1st 1000 credit tip and he received a custom video. Just for being my Goal Helper of the day! Who's Next?
LONG SHOWS Date: Jun 24th @ 1:40pm EDT
I love doing long private shows. BUT you need to tell me! So I can take my time and squirt and squirt and squirt again :)
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