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Surgery Fund Date: Oct 13th @ 8:13am EDT
I just came back from the Doctor (10/12/2020). He said that I can wait a year or possibly longer to have my Breasts Fixed and the Saline Bags Replaced. IF nothing happens like they start leaking then I would need the money $6700 within 4 weeks! So I am starting the Surgery Fund over with this updated information.
FREE VOTES Date: Sep 22nd @ 8:30am EDT
Thank you very much for the FREE VOTES. But I don't get credits for those votes, this is not the contest that I am trying to Win and I have a daily goal to make. So therefore if I am not on here I am doing a show on one of the other sites that I am on. - CammiCams
on 3 Date: Aug 26th @ 8:38am EDT
Hi, Guys as most of you know that I am on 3 other sites at the same time. So if I am not here M-F from 11 am to 7 pm Sat 11 am to 2 pm EST I am doing a show on one of the other sites or something happened. Like My Boobs Popped or other Life Event. Speaking of Life Events that's the reason why I could not get My much Needed Surgery. I am trying my hardest to save. But being the only income in my family something always comes up. So help if you can and get the facts before sending me a message about my surgery fund. Thank you for everything that you can do. - CammiCams
Happy 4th of July Date: Jul 3rd @ 8:36am EDT
I hope that you have a Happy 4th of July and remember to stay safe and healthy.

in 3's Date: Jun 29th @ 8:43am EDT
Hi Guys, well last week was a bad week and you know how it runs in 3's. First my Lap Top took a bath then I got sick for 2 days then on Saturday I had to take My Doggy to the Hospital. So lets hope that this week ROCKS My World and ONLY you can Help with Tips & Shows.

See you soon!
M-F 11-7pm or Sat 11-2pm EST
Missed Me? Date: Jun 26th @ 8:38am EDT
Have you missed me? I have been sick for the past 2 days. I went to the Doctors and I have an Inner Ear Infection. She also wants me to get tested for Covid19. I asked why in the hell do I have to be tested when I have done everything by the book. She said because Covid19 is everything. I found that to be strange coming from a doctor. So I will get tested and let you know asap.

See you soon!
11 years Date: Jun 2nd @ 8:56am EDT
Hello, June 1st was My 11th Cammiversary and I wanted to thank those HERO's who made it extra special. If you missed it that's okay we can still celebrate all month long. Always remember to stay safe, healthy and do what you can with Tips and Shows to show your support.

Thanks again
Covid-19 Date: Apr 22nd @ 7:30am EDT
Hello, I hope that you are Safe and Healthy during this Corona Virus Crisis. I am offering Deals or make me an Offer (40cpm or more) and I will do a Group Show if you can not afford a Private Show. All you have to do is ask and I really appreciate everything that you can do for me. Big or small Tips and Shows it does not matter as long as you do what you can to support me. Since this is my only source of income. Kisses and much LOVE CammiCams
ER Visit Date: Feb 18th @ 6:33am EST
Well I have some sad news. I had take a relative to the ER last night and $1000 just came out of My Surgery Fund. I need your help BIG or small TIPS or SHOWS it does not matter. HELP me get my surgery BEFORE something else takes the funds away.
WOW Date: Jan 11th @ 7:22am EST
Yesterday was my best day yet and thank you to those HERO's who made it happen. $100 went towards my surgery goal and now I need $4500. So keep those Tips and Shows coming Guys. Also, remember that everything goes towards my Daily Goal.

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